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Carbon Steel Diamond Core Drilling Equipment For Inner Pipe Spanner

dobra jakość Zestaw bitów rdzenia diamentowego na sprzedaż
dobra jakość Zestaw bitów rdzenia diamentowego na sprzedaż
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Carbon Steel Diamond Core Drilling Equipment For Inner Pipe Spanner

Chiny Carbon Steel Diamond Core Drilling Equipment For Inner Pipe Spanner dostawca

Duży Obraz :  Carbon Steel Diamond Core Drilling Equipment For Inner Pipe Spanner

Szczegóły Produktu:

Place of Origin: China
Nazwa handlowa: Yaheng


Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: wooden case packing
Delivery Time: 1 day
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 2000 piece per month
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Szczegółowy opis produktu
Using: inner pipe spanner Main material: carbon steel
Wrench material: diamond material Advantage: diamond material hard to be fallen off.
Product name: Diamond Coring Equipment Drilling Depth: 1000 m3200 m(328010496 feet)


Quick Details:

  • Wide in range of rotation speeds
  • Equipped with water brake
  • With high hoisting force
  • Convenient in low-position lift brake application




The type  Core Drill Rig is a kind of core drill rig for medium and deep hole drilling using diamond and carbide-tipped bits, with mechanical transmission, spindle rotation, hydraulic feeding.  is a rotary drilling machine. The drill rigs can be applied to metallic and nonmetallic solid mineral deposits prospecting; shallow strata oil and natural gas exploration.



Drilling Depth

1000 m3200 m(328010496 feet)

Rotate speed


Clockwise rotation rates


Anti-clockwise      rotation rates


Turn table speed


Clockwise     rotation rates


Anti-clockwise      rotation rates


Diameter of drilling rod

50;60;71;89;114 mm

(1.97;2.36;2.80;3.50;4.49 inch)

Spindle stroke

800 mm(31.5 inch)

Shift range

690 mm(27.2 inch)

Max. hoisting force

300 kN(67440 lbf)

Max. pressuring force

141 kN(31697 lbf)

Max. single-wire hoisting force

125 kN(28100 lbf)

Max. content of winding drum

120 m(394 feet)

Steel wire size

21.5 mm(0.85 inch)

Hoisting Speed


(2.17;3.58;5.55;9.51;5.78;9.95;15.46;28.87 feet/s)

Turn table Aperture

395 mm (15.55 inch)

Electromotor model


Electromotor output

90 kw(121HP)

Electromotor Rotation rate

1480 r/min

Diesel Engine model


Diesel Engine output

134 kw(180HP)

Diesel Engine rotation rate

1800 r/min


With electromotor

4413×1692×2653 mm  (173.7×66.6×104.5 inch)

With diesel engine

4413×1892×2803mm (173.7×74.5×110.4 inch)


10100 kg(22270 lb)

They could be used widely in geology,metallurgy,coal,hydrogeology, hydrological well and engineering and other industries fields. The could be used as a rotary drilling machine. They are the priority selection equipments and suitable for medium and deep depth hole drilling at present in China.



Wuxi Yaheng Geological Equipment Technical Co.,Ltd is a professional diamond tools manufacturer in China.

We specialize manufacturing core drilling tools and diamond tools ,core drills ,core drill rods,wireline core drill parts ect.

Yaheng 's products are widely used in geological and mineral,metallurgy,mining and hydrology industries.

Yaheng's egineers are good at making research and development,and we also have a good sales team which is professional and active service.

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Wuxi Yaheng Geological Equipment Technical Co., Ltd.

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