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Durable NQ HQ PQ UMX Diamond Core Bit Set with Extreme Performance

dobra jakość Zestaw bitów rdzenia diamentowego na sprzedaż
dobra jakość Zestaw bitów rdzenia diamentowego na sprzedaż
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Durable NQ HQ PQ UMX Diamond Core Bit Set with Extreme Performance

Chiny Durable NQ HQ PQ UMX Diamond Core Bit Set with Extreme Performance dostawca

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Szczegóły Produktu:

Place of Origin: China
Nazwa handlowa: Yaheng
Orzecznictwo: ISO9001


Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Cena: usd dollar 300~450 per piece
Packaging Details: Sea or Air standard packing
Delivery Time: 5~8 days after payment
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000 piece per month
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Szczegółowy opis produktu
Matrix Material: Tungsten Carbide Diameter Protect: Natural Diamond
Bit Body: Carbon Steel Design: Face Discharged
Style: surface set application: granite

Durable NQ HQ PQ UMX Diamond Core Bit Set with Extreme Performance

Dimensions of Core Bits:
"Q" series: AQ, BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ/AQTK, BQTK, BQ3, NQ2, NQ3, NQTT, HQ3, HQTT, PQ3, PQTT
A-Gauge Core Bits: AQ, AQ-RSG, AWG(AX), AWM, AWT, LTK48
B-Gauge Core Bits: BQ, BQ-RSG, BQ-2.400, BQ3, BWG(BX), BWM, BWT, LTK60, TBW
N-Gauge Core Bits: NQ, NQ-RSG, NQ-3.032, NQ2, NQ2-RSG, NQ3/NQTT, NQ3-RSG, NQ3-3.032, NMLC, NWG(NX), NWM, NWT, TNW,
H-Gauge Core Bits: HQ, HQ-RSG, HQ-3.830, HQ-3.895, HQ3/HQTT, HQ3-RSG, HQ3-3.895, HMLC, HWF-Long, HWF-Short, HWG(HX), HWT
P-Gauge Core Bits: PQ, PQ3, PWF-Long, PWF-Short
S-Gauge Core Bits: SWF-Long, SWF-Short
U-Gauge Core Bits: UWF-Long, UWF-Short
Z-Gauge Core Bits: ZWF-Long, ZWF-Short
T Series: T36, T46, T56, T66, T76, T86, T101
TT Series: TT46, TT56, TT66, TT76, TT86, TT101
T2 Series: T2 46, T2 56, T2 66, T2 76, T2 86, T2 101
TB Series Metric Core Bits: TB36, TB46, TB56, TB66, TB76, TB86, TB101
T6 Series Metric Core Bits: T6-76, T6-86, T6-101, T6-116, T6-131, T6-146
T6S Series Metric Core Bits: T6S-76, T6S-86, T6S-101, T6S-116, T6S-131, T6S-146
B Series(IS03552-1)Metric Core Bits: B36, B46, B56, B66, B76, B86, B101, B116, B131, B146
All other standard: CDDA, DCDMA, Crealius, and ISO sizes.



Extreme Performance, Maximum Versatility Core drillers understand the frustrations of having to

trip rods and change bits, or burning through bits very quickly each time ground conditions change in variable rock formations. This process is highly inefficient and costly. It adds expenses to the drilling company’s bottom line, and reduces a driller’s pay since he is unable to meet his core sampling goal


Ultramatrix (UMX) is an innovative and versatile new line of diamond coring bits using patent-pending technology. With several technologically advanced features, the bits make diamond coring more efficient than ever before. UMX bits are engineered to drill faster, last longer, and out-perform existing bit technology in a wide range of drilling conditions and ground formations.


Technical Advantages:


1. 400% increase in bit life

• Decreased bit inventory needs by more than 60%

• Reduced rod tripping frequency by more than 60%

• High performance through varied ground conditions



Specifications :


Ultramatrix Diamond Bit Series: SSUMX, 07UMX, 09UMX, 10UMX, 12UMX, 14UMX, 15UMX

• Highly versatile, capable of long life and extreme cutting in varied ground conditions

• Very durable and able to resist wear within extreme conditions

• Offer several options in crown height (up to 25mm), waterways and diameter



Product Features:

  • Increased Penetration through changing ground conditions
  • Ready to Cut Right Out of the Box
  • Stage Waterway Designs
  • Twin-Taper Window



1) certifacation Iso 9001:2008

2) with very small high quality synthetic diamonds mixed.

3) impregnated core bits are more economical to use than other bits.

4) can drill a broad range of geological formations from the softest to the hardest rock

5) widely used in all kinds of drillings for prospecting, water and electricity building and construction industry of road, railway, bridge and building taking out core to examine stake

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Wuxi Yaheng Geological Equipment Technical Co., Ltd.

Osoba kontaktowa: Mr. Yu

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