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Impregnated Diamond Core Bit Set for Conventional Mineral Core Drilling

dobra jakość Zestaw bitów rdzenia diamentowego na sprzedaż
dobra jakość Zestaw bitów rdzenia diamentowego na sprzedaż
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Impregnated Diamond Core Bit Set for Conventional Mineral Core Drilling

Chiny Impregnated Diamond Core Bit Set for Conventional Mineral Core Drilling dostawca

Duży Obraz :  Impregnated Diamond Core Bit Set for Conventional Mineral Core Drilling

Szczegóły Produktu:

Place of Origin: China
Nazwa handlowa: Yaheng
Orzecznictwo: ISO9001


Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Cena: usd dollar 300~450 per piece
Packaging Details: Sea or Air standard packing
Delivery Time: 5~8 days after payment
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000 piece per month
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Szczegółowy opis produktu
Matrix Material: Tungsten Carbide Diameter Protect: Natural Diamond
Bit Body: Carbon Steel Design: Face Discharged
Style: surface set application: Conventional Mineral Core Drilling
High Light:

Diamond Core Drill


Diamond Core Drill Bits

Diamond Impregnated Drill Bits for Conventional Mineral Core Drilling


Mark & model:

The Impregnated Diamond Core Bit is made from high-quality synthetic diamond and metal powder which could be used in various types of strata. The best effect is achieved through the flexible design according to different strata and parameters of drilling equipment.

Product profile:

Impregnated Diamond Core Bit
Impregnated Diamond Core Bits are manufactured with very small, high quality synthetic diamonds, mixed evenly through a metal alloy matrix. The matrix erodes away at the same rate as the diamonds become worn and rounded. Thus new sharp diamonds are exposed to continue cutting through the rock. In most geological formations, impregnated bits are more economical to use than other bits.

Matrix height:
We offer standard Matrix Height is 6mm and we provide with extra height upon customer's request. Cenerally, 6mm height is recommended for conventional bits, 8mm or higher are recommended for wireline bits, standard impregnated bits are available with different matrix heights, such as 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm.

Dimensions of Core Bits:

"Q" series: AQ, BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ/AQTK, BQTK, BQ3, NQ2, NQ3, NQTT, HQ3, HQTT, PQ3, PQTT
A-Gauge Core Bits: AQ, AQ-RSG, AWG(AX), AWM, AWT, LTK48
B-Gauge Core Bits: BQ, BQ-RSG, BQ-2.400, BQ3, BWG(BX), BWM, BWT, LTK60, TBW
N-Gauge Core Bits: NQ, NQ-RSG, NQ-3.032, NQ2, NQ2-RSG, NQ3/NQTT, NQ3-RSG, NQ3-3.032, NMLC, NWG(NX), NWM, NWT, TNW,
H-Gauge Core Bits: HQ, HQ-RSG, HQ-3.830, HQ-3.895, HQ3/HQTT, HQ3-RSG, HQ3-3.895, HMLC, HWF-Long, HWF-Short, HWG(HX), HWT
P-Gauge Core Bits: PQ, PQ3, PWF-Long, PWF-Short
S-Gauge Core Bits: SWF-Long, SWF-Short
U-Gauge Core Bits: UWF-Long, UWF-Short
Z-Gauge Core Bits: ZWF-Long, ZWF-Short
T Series: T36, T46, T56, T66, T76, T86, T101
TT Series: TT46, TT56, TT66, TT76, TT86, TT101
T2 Series: T2 46, T2 56, T2 66, T2 76, T2 86, T2 101
TB Series Metric Core Bits: TB36, TB46, TB56, TB66, TB76, TB86, TB101
T6 Series Metric Core Bits: T6-76, T6-86, T6-101, T6-116, T6-131, T6-146
T6S Series Metric Core Bits: T6S-76, T6S-86, T6S-101, T6S-116, T6S-131, T6S-146
B Series(IS03552-1)Metric Core Bits: B36, B46, B56, B66, B76, B86, B101, B116, B131, B146
All other standard: CDDA, DCDMA, Crealius, and ISO sizes.



The  surface set Reaming Shells are set natural diamonds outside of the shells, generally, with the stone size 20/30SPC. The rock cutters are flushed smoothly as the well design of the waterways. 


Reaming Shell is set with natural or synthetic diamond,and it is used to couple the dril bit with the core barrel. Its main function is to ream the hole to the correct comstant specific diameter which ensures adequate clearance for the core barrel and sufficient clearance for the new bit which replaces an old one.It also acts as a stabilizer for drill bit.


Reaming Shells are used together with Core Bits, maintaining the hole size and improving drilling stability




Longlife  diamond core bits are available in all standard drilling sizes . Also, non-standard sized bits can be produced according to requirements from clients.

Crown Height:

We could offers crown impreg depths of  9mm, 12mm, and 16mm .The taller crown heights provide improved bit stability and reduced vibrations, enhancing bit life and performance.



Various waterways are available for diamond impregnated bits. Differing waterways allow for better flushing in various ground conditions and drilling systems. 

The impregnated bits matrices can be selected by our engineer according to ground conditions at client's work site.





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